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  Catch up on royal after-party buzz

Royal wedding lives up to the hype

  From Princess Catherine’s walk down the aisle to her first moments as the wife of Prince William, Michelle Kosinski recaps a wedding for the ages.

Newlywed royals skip town

  The morning after their historic wedding, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge climbed aboard a helicopter to an undisclosed location for a short weekend away. NBC's Michelle Kosinski has more.

Did Middleton's dress and tiara live up to hype?

  The Sarah Burton-designed wedding dress was the best-kept secret of the entire royal affair. Michelle Kosinski reports on the unique beauty of the "timeless" dress.

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  Will Britain change royal succession rules?

The royal newlyweds just tied the knot, and there's already talk about them having children. Some in Britain want to bring modern equality to the kingdom's constitutional law so that if the couple has a first-born daughter, she becomes heir to the throne, not a later born son. NBC's Michelle Kosinsk

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