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  Games in May set sail

'Unpleasant Horse' is pony grinding done right

  The controversial game was rejected by iPhone's  app store, which people suspected was because of its depiction of violence again flying ponies with hearts on their bums. In-Game's Todd Kenreck reviews the game.

Games to play while PlayStation's network is down

  The PlayStation network might be down, but you don’t have to be. We have the top 3 single player games you can play while you wait to get back online. In-Game's Todd Kenreck reports.

New superpowers will make you 'inFamous'

  "inFamous 2" let’s you not just control electricity, but fire, ice, and many more powers as well. In-Game's Todd Kenreck reports.

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  'Portal 2' does live up to the hype

The inter-dimensional action puzzle solver delivers on nearly every level. From gameplay to voice acting "Portal 2" is a worthy successor to the original. In-Game's Todd Kenreck reports.

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