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  The real deal on Medicare cuts

Romney adopts Bush strategy on propaganda

  George W. Bush said he would repeat things over and over in order to "catapult the propaganda." Mitt Romney is now using the Bush strategy to push his ideas on Medicare. MSNBC's Jonathan Alter and former insurance industry executive Wendell Potter join Ed Schultz to debunk the lies.

Romney-Ryan Medicare challenge

  Mitt Romney tries everything he can to avoid talking about Paul Ryan's Medicare plan. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, former CIGNA executive Wendell Potter, and Maryland Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen discuss the Romney-Ryan plan to privatize Medicare.

The Ed Show: Wendell Potter: 'Many seniors would die' under Ryan's Medicare plan

"If we were to implement the Ryan plan, you could rest assured that many, many senior citizens would die who otherwise wouldn't have to," said former insurance executive Wendell Potter on Tuesday's The Ed Show. Stark language, but he had the math to back it up."Over the pa … Full story

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  Previewing the Supreme Court health care ruling

New polls show Republicans like the provisions in the health care law, when you take President Obama’s name out of the equation. Wendell Potter of the Center for Public Integrity joins Ed Schultz to preview the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act this Thursday.

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