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Very Last Word: Should we focus on Snowden’s motives?

On Monday's Very Last Word, MSNBC's Richard Wolffe and Ari Melber discuss the motives behind Edward Snowden's leak of classified information, and whether or not it should matter in light of the larger debate about privacy and government surveillance. Full story

AOL co-founder talks about immigration and innovation

  In a Web-exclusive Afternoon Mo' Joe greenroom interview, Startup America Partnership chairman Steve Case talks to MSNBC's Richard Wolffe about the next trends in technology and how to encourage innovators to stay in America.

SOTU paves a path forward

  The State of the Union speech will outline the president’s plan for the future, including strengthening the economy. MSNBC’s Krystal Ball and Richard Wolffe preview the speech with Rev. Al Sharpton.

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  Sullivan: We don't want to say that midnight on 12/31, we're doomed

Top Talkers: President Obama is scheduled to sit down with congressional leaders on Friday to again attempt to solve the country's fiscal cliff problem. The Morning Joe panel – including's Richard Wolffe – discusses what we can expect before the end of the year.

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