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Botox paralyzes your emotions, too, study shows

A well-known side effect of Botox is the inability to fully express emotions. Now research reveals another side effect: the inability to fully feel emotions. Full story

Hook-ups in the wild: Do animals enjoy sex?

Animals obviously hook up, at least during mating season. But do they like it? According to experts, there are two answers: "yes" and "it is impossible to know." Full story

Julia Roberts was born with a beautiful smile

From sneers to full-blown smiles, our facial expressions are hardwired into our genes, suggests a new study. Full story

Grading the candidates’ mannerisms

   Sept. 27: During a debate, a candidate’s body language – even facial expressions – can have a big impact on voters. NBC’s Lester Holt speaks with David Birdsell of Baruch College and facial-coding expert Dan Hill about last night’s presidential debate.

Female bosses evaluated as ‘office moms’

Female bosses are expected to play "office moms," while male bosses are held to a lower emotional standard, a new study finds. Full story

Smile … Or Else

'Behavior Detection Officers' are now watching passengers' facial expressions for signs of danger. It's a new level of absurdity for America. Full story

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