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Obama’s ‘insider threat’ crackdown on leaks

Just under a year and a half after Pfc. Bradley Manning was arrested for one of the greatest unauthorized leaks in American history, President Obama signed an executive order which mandated the creation of an inter-agency task force to weed out potential leaks.Full story

The Brain Trust’s Irin Carmon, Perry Bacon Jr. from the Grio and Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine, join MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to talk about the week in Washington scandals.

Democratic states racing to meet health care deadline's Irin Carmon, Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins and The National Review's Katrina Trinko talk about the Obama health care plan and the Defense of Marriage Act.

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  Bipartisan win of the week: Victory for VAWA

The House voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and expand it to protect the LGBT community, undocumented, immigrant women, and Native American women.'s Irin Carmon explains exactly what the new law will look like and what it will do.

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