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  Gas prices, oil profits soar

Japan’s economy falters

  CNBC’s Ron Insana explains the impact of the Japan crisis on the U.S. and global economy.

Parsing the Day

  A look at the day's big market moves, the news about Chinese exports and oil's reaction to reports that Saudi police have fired into crowds in the eastern part of the country, with John Kilduff, Again Capital; CNBC's Ron Insana, Sue Herera and David Fa...

Market All-Stars

  Weighing in on whether today's momentum will continue, given the current instability in the Middle East, with CNBC contributor Ron Insana; Barbara Marcin, Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund: and Tim Freeman, Capstone Global Markets.

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  Home Price Tug of War

Explaining why housing starts will lag household formation, with Ron Insana, CNBC contributor.

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