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British author Hitchens undergoing chemotherapy

British author Christopher Hitchens says he must undergo chemotherapy on his esophagus and has canceled some engagements. Full story

Here's the Hitch: Hitchens writes a memoir

The coffee is strong, the wine a dry red poured from a tall, swanlike beaker. On a sunny afternoon at his apartment near Dupont Circle, Christopher Hitchens holds up a Marlboro Light between cigar-shaped fingers and discusses the hitch of writing his memoir, "Hitch-22." Full story

Newsweek: Bring Benedict XVI to justice

Christopher Hitchens asserts why Pope Benedict should be detained for questioning. ‘This is a question of crime—organized crime, by they way, and therefore of punishment.

Hitchens on Vatican scandal

   Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens talks about the sex abuse scandal at the Vatican.

Newsweek: Tehran’s thugs cannot last

Christopher Hitchens: A failed state that cannot allow any grown-up internal debate, or any appeal against the divine edict, will swiftly become an even more failed state and then a rogue one because its limitless paranoia and self-pity must be projected outward.

Debating Obama’s Nobel

   Oct. 12: Air America’s Mark Green and Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens discuss the awarding of President Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize.

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  Hitchens: Obama and Nobel's first 'virtual' award

Oct. 12: Author Christopher Hitchens explains why he does not feel the president deserves the Nobel Prize, calling it a prize for "affect" not "effect."

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