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Iraqis go for a little nip, tuck

Even in the worst spasms of violence that followed the U.S.-led invasion, cosmetic surgery didn't go out of style in Iraq. Now, as the country quiets down, plastic surgery is all the rage.Full story

Internet resumes 6 months after riot in China

Limited Internet services slowly began to return to far western China on Tuesday, almost six months after ethnic rioting led the government to shut down Web and phone links to the outside world. Full story

Sleep may help us cope with outside world

While sleep is often thought to have evolved to play an unknown but vital role inside the body, a new theory suggests it actually developed as a method to better deal with the outside world. Full story

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China troops give rare show of military clout

Mars flight simulation experiment ends

Life at polygamist ranch was austere, controlled

Polygamists told girls of immoral outside world

The waiting game: sanity-saving tips


  Reaction to Jackson's death from China

June 26: Michael Jackson's fame peaked as China opened its doors to the outside world. 27 year old Zhai Qi recalls his first impression of the pop superstar back in the late 1980s.

  Phone home: Cell phones surpass landlines

May 6: Federal researchers say the number of American households with just a cell phone connection to the outside world has surpassed for the first time those who only have an old-fashioned landline. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  Cambodia looks to the future

May, 2002: Cambodia is slowly opening two the outside world after three decades of war. NBC’s Keith Miller reports.

  Rena Mackert, Former FLDS Member

Many of the people who leave the FLDS have little knowledge of the outside world and their rights.  Rena Mackert speaks about her struggle with her family to claim her children.

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Chinese paramilitary police stand guard outside the Grand Bazaar, which remains closed in the ethnic Uigur area of Urumqi, in China's farwest Xinjiang region on July 9, 2009. Foreign journalists have been given unprecedented access in the aftermath of deadly unrest in Urumqi, in what China has haile

Palestinian worker digging a new tunnel between Gaza Strip and Egypt
Palestinian worker digging a new tunnel between Gaza Strip and Egypt

A Palestinian worker smokes as he takes a rest before continuing the digging of a new tunnel between Gaza Strip and Egypt in the Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip, 13 August 2008. The tunnel is to receive goods from Egypt. It is 20 to 30 meters down and 600 to 1200 meters long underneath the

Meals on wheels
Meals on wheels

Mary Elliott, 91, of Charleston, W.Va., looks over her meal delivered by the Meals On Wheels program Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Charleston, W.Va. Rising gas and food prices are crippling programs that many older Americans rely on for food, transportation and contact with the outside world.

Isolated Amazonian tribe
Isolated Amazonian tribe

'Uncontacted Indians'  of the Envira, who have never before had any contact with the outside world, photographed during an overflight in May 2008, as they react to the overflight at their camp in Brazil, close to the border with Peru.