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  U.S. experts to aid in India crash probe

May 22: Nightly News Saturday broadcast

  INDIA CRASH, Keir Simmons, CRASH X-TALK, Mark Rosenker; HEART OF THE OIL SPILL, Anne Thompson; TIDE OF FRUSTRATIO HITS WASHINGTON, Mike Viqueira; OIL FIXES, Michelle Kosinski; AGHAN ATTACK, Tom Aspell; TEXTBOOK REVISION, Rehema Ellis; BOY CLIMBS EVEREST, Lester Holt; STOCKS X-TALK, Trish Regan; PAC-

When is it safe for planes to fly again?

  As volcanic ash grounds thousands of European flights, NBC transportation analyst Mark Rosenker says aviation officials’ priority is to protect the safety of passengers, regardless of how much money airlines lose.

Ex-NTSB chairman: Radar can’t track ash

  In his own words, Mark Rosenker discusses the numerous threats that volcanic ash can pose to an airplane.

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  Experts’ take on kid air traffic controllers

NBC transportation safety analyst Mark Rosenker and aviation attorney Fred Tecce speak with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about the dangers of letting children take part in a very serious job.

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