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  Legal implications for nurse who refused to do CPR

Do natural cold remedies really work?

  With cold and flu season upon us, many people look for natural ways to feel better quickly. But what works best, and is safe? TODAY contributor Dr. Roshini Raj discusses the effectiveness of seven common natural cold remedies.

What not to touch to avoid disease-causing germs

  On average, an adult touches their face three to five times per minute, and can also touch up to about 30 objects per minute. Dr. Roshini Raj of Health magazine gives an overview of the things you should be wary of touching to stay healthy this flu season.

How dangerous is Clinton’s clot condition?

  Dr. Roshini Raj, an attending physician at NYU Medical Center, speaks with TODAY’s Willie Geist about Hillary Clinton’s blood clot complication, how common it is and what it may mean for her health going forward.

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  Natural remedies for allergy sufferers

Record pollen levels are hitting allergy sufferers hard. Dr. Roshini Raj has advice for combating symptoms naturally.

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