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U.N. council condemns "apparent terrorist" Minsk attack

The U.N. Security Council condemned on Wednesday what it called an "apparent terrorist attack" on a metro station in Belarus, phraseology that appeared to reflect uncertainty over who was behind it. Full story

New haunting aerial of 9/11 attacks released

   Newly released video shot from a New York City police helicopter hovering near the World Trade Center Towers during the September 11, 2001 terror attack has been posted online.

2 U.S. airmen killed in airport attack

   A gunman shot at U.S. Air Force personnel on a bus outside Frankfurt airport, killing two airmen and wounding two others before being taken into custody. ITN's Keir Simmons reports.

House rejects GOP effort on UN funds

The House on Wednesday rejected a Republican-led effort to force the United Nations to give back $179 million in overpayments, falling short in the face of Obama administration arguments that much of the money already had been designated to boost security around an international headquarters suscept Full story

Denmark arrrests five over planned attack

   Police in Denmark and Sweden said they stopped an imminent terrorist attack with the arrest of five people on Wednesday. NBC's Lester Holt reports.

Dutch clear 5 of 12 detained Somalis of terrorism

Dutch authorities on Sunday Dutch cleared five of the 12 Somali men who were detained Christmas Eve on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in the Netherlands. Full story

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India's Mumbai on alert; terror plot suspected

Swedes shocked by first terror attack in 3 decades

Obama defends airport security measures

U.S. failed to connect American to Mumbai attacks

Guantanamo detainee goes on trial

Terror alert doesn't faze Americans overseas


  In U.K, 12 held in suspected terror plot

British police arrested a dozen men accused of plotting a large-scale terror attack on targets inside the United Kingdom. Msnbc's Tamron Hall talk with counter-terrorism expert Michael Sheehan.