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Stunning New Photo of Andromeda Galaxy Taken by New High-Res Instrument

A new portrait of the Milky Way's neighbor, Andromeda, shows our twin galaxy in a whole new light thanks to a new instrument on Japan's Subaru telescope at the summit of Hawaii's Mauna Kea. Full story

Donated Spy Satellite Telescope Would Suit NASA Dark Energy Mission, Report Finds

INDIANAPOLIS — NASA could use a donated spy satellite telescope to carry out a high-priority mission that would hunt for alien planets and mysterious dark energy, a new report found. Full story

Distance to Milky Way's Neighbor Galaxy Refined

The distance to one of the Milky Way's next-door neighbors, a satellite galaxy that orbits its outskirts, has been determined more accurately than ever before, astronomers announced today (March 6). Full story

NASA to join Europe's dark-energy mission

NASA has officially joined the European Space Agency's Euclid mission, a space telescope that will launch in 2020 to study the mysterious dark matter and dark energy pervading the universe. Full story

It looks like Einstein's right again!

A new study of one of the universe's fundamental constants casts doubt on a popular theory of dark energy, scientists say. Full story

Old spy telescope may join dark energy hunt

Astronomers are excited by the possibility of using one of two cast-off spy satellite telescopes gifted to NASA to probe for dark energy. Full story

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Galaxy cluster Abell 1689
Galaxy cluster Abell 1689

The galaxy cluster Abell 1689 is famous for the way it bends light in a phenomenon called gravitational lensing. A new study of the cluster is revealing secrets about how dark energy shapes the universe.