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New Yorkers sample cheese made from human breast milk

A New York gallery on Sunday offered adventurous eaters the opportunity to sample cheese made from human breast milk, getting mixed reviews and some puzzled looks. Full story

Milk banks seek more donor milk for babes in need

With her baby fast asleep in the stroller, Valerie Githinji made her way up to the nurses' station in O'Bleness Memorial Hospital's maternity ward. Full story

Ex-UNICEF head joins Nestle board despite protests

Former UNICEF head Ann Veneman is taking a seat on the board of Swiss food and drinks company Nestle SA despite pleas from nutrition advocates who oppose the company's marketing of breast milk substitutes. Full story

Uproar at ex-UNICEF boss joining Nestle board

Former UNICEF boss Ann Veneman should refuse a seat on the board of Nestle because the food giant violates a global code on marketing of breast milk substitutes, nutrition campaign groups said on Wednesday. Full story

Breast Milk From a Cow? Not So Fast...

With help from human genes, cows can now make enhanced milk with health-promoting properties that resemble those of human breast milk. Full story

Cow milk closely mimics that of human breast

Chinese researchers say they have genetically engineered dairy cows to produce milk more akin to human breast milk. Full story

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Breast milk may hint at cancer risk, study shows

Fortified breast milk may not up preemies' growth

Strong painkiller OK while breastfeeding: study

Why we'll try breast milk foods (It's not for our health)

London council confiscates breast milk ice cream

U.K. removes breast milk ice cream from shop

London shop to make breast milk ice cream

Breastfeeding linked to fewer seizures in kids

Surgeon general: Ease hurdles to breast-feeding

Poor Formula: Fussy Babies Get Solid Food Too Early


  Black market breast milk

KNTV's Vicky Nguyen reports moms who purchase breast milk through the Internet or from others, may be putting their babies at risk.

  FDA grows concerned about breast milk sharing

NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo explains whether it’s safe for new mothers to share their breast milk with strangers.

  FDA warns on breast milk donations

NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports that the FDA cautions mothers against the unregulated sharing of breast milk, citing dangers such as passing along bacteria and even drugs to babies.

  The benefits of breast milk, the tastiness of cheese

A New York City chef whips up cheese using his wife's breast milk. WNBC's Ben Aaron tastes a sample.

  Kathie Lee, Hoda talk breast-milk cheese

Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie in New York City is offering a cheese appetizer made from his wife’s breast milk. Would you order this very personal menu item? TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda weigh in.

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A Chinese mother breastfeeds her baby
A Chinese mother breastfeeds her baby

A Chinese mother breastfeeds her baby at the Children's hospital in Beijing , China, Monday, Sept.22, 2008. As China's tainted milk scandal has grown in to the tens of thousands of victims, it has forced some Chinese women to reconsider breast milk. But breastfeeding in China has dropped in recent y