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Rare sight: Mercury, Mars to 'meet' Tuesday

Skywatchers set your alarm clocks: On Tuesday morning, Mercury will appear to have a close encounter with Mars.Full story

Space Exploration: At What Cost?

It's been a humbling few weeks for many of us. Devastating scenes in Japan from the earthquake, tsunami and now the nuclear crisis serve as a reminder how lucky many of us are. Full story

Up-close photos show Mercury's battle scars

Think the moon has many craters? New photos from the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury show that the tiny inner planet has far more impressive battle scars from regular high-speed peltings by space rocks. Full story

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Ice on Mercury? NASA Probe May Solve That Mystery and Others

NASA Spacecraft Snaps 1st Photo of Mercury from Orbit

New Yorkers Look to Mercury: Messenger Probe Awes Public

Mercury mission already has stamp of approval

NASA spacecraft now circling Mercury — a first

Finally, a look at enduring mysteries of Mercury

This is the week to get a look at elusive Mercury

NASA Probe Set for Historic Arrival at Mercury This Week

When Messenger Arrives in Orbit: Q&A With Sean Solomon, NASA's Mercury Boss

Jupiter leaving evening sky; Mercury on its way


  NASA Messenger puts planet Mercury in focus

NASA's Messenger probe has released some of the first close-ups ever of Mercury's surface. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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NASA's Messenger probe is the first spacecraft to orbit the planet Mercury, and it sent back the first pictures taken from orbit on March 29, 2011. This image of Mercury's horizon was acquired as the spacecraft was flying northward along the first orbit during which its dual-camera system was turned

Sky map showing Mercury, Mars
Sky map showing Mercury, Mars

The planets Mercury and Mars will be in close conjunction on the morning of April 19.

IN SPACE MARCH 29: in this handout from NASA, the surface of the planet Mercury is seen in an image taken by the Messenger spacecraft March 29, 2011 in space. The image is the first ever from a spacecraft in orbit of Mercury. Messenger launched in August of 2004 and achieved orbit on march 17, 201

Mercury view
Mercury view

The first image sent back to Earth from Mercury orbit shows a rayed crater known as Debussy and a smaller crater with unusual dark rays, called Matabei. The picture was transmitted to Earth by NASA's Messenger spacecraft.