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  No Child Left Behind reauthorization battle looming

Sharpton: Education not discussed enough in US

  The National Action Network’s Rev. Al Sharpton joins Morning Joe to discuss a recent Weekly Standard article which suggested that Sarah Palin is becoming “Al Sharpton, Alaska edition” and reforming No Child Left Behind.

Obama presses Congress on rewriting education law

President Barack Obama is making fresh arguments for a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law while paying tribute to student finalists in a special science competition. Full story

82 percent of US schools may be labeled 'failing'

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says an estimated 82 percent of U.S. schools could be labeled as "failing" under the nation's No Child Left Behind Act this year. Full story

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Conn. loses 'No Child Left Behind' challenge


  Scarborough: Jon Stewart ‘is so right’

In this edition of the News You Can’t Use, Joe Scarborough reacts to Jon Stewart’s interview with Republican Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, specifically their exchange on No Child Left Behind and political vitriol.

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