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Green leafy vegetables can cut risk of diabetes: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Eating more green leafy vegetables can significantly cut the risk of developing diabetes, scientists said on Friday.Full story

Redbook editor shares anquish of divorce

Stacy Morrison dished love advice, but was caught off-guard when her husband said “I'm done.” In her book, “Falling Apart in One Piece,” she writes about struggling to accept the end of her marriage. Full story

How clean is prepackaged salad?

  Pre-packaged salad greens may be convenient, but new test finds they're not as clean as you might expect. KXAS's Brian Curtis reports.

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  10 riskiest foods

Oct. 6: A new report highlights the 10 riskiest foods to eat, including leafy greens, eggs and cheese, in an effort to get the U.S. government to do more to make our foods safe. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with a young victim of food poisoning and food safety expert Caroline Smith Dewaal.

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Elephant baby Dinkar eats salad leaves i
Elephant baby Dinkar eats salad leaves i

Elephant baby Dinkar eats salad leaves in its enclosure at the zoo in Hanover, northern Germany on September 7, 2010. The young elephant Dinkar was born on August 6, 2010.