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Michael Jackson: How Long Can You Survive Without Sleep?

A doctor told a courtroom this week in Los Angeles that Michael Jackson went without "real" sleep for 60 days leading up to his death. The testimony raises questions about how long a person can survive without shut-eye, and whether it matters what type of sleep a person slips into when they snooze. Full story

Researchers: Sleep deficit can shorten your life

   New studies are showing one third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, at least eight hours a night, and researchers are saying a chronic lack of sleep can lead to heart problems, mood disorders, and more. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports and Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses the findings.

Sleep-Deprived Teen Drivers More Likely to Crash

Too little sleep increases the risk of car crashes for young drivers, a new study confirms. Full story

How Loved Ones Help You Beat Stress and Other Tips This Week

Why spending time with friends and family is essential, how to know whether you're sleep-deprived, the right amount of money to save and more: our best tips of the week. Full story

Women race cross-country in seven days

   In just one week a group of four women traveled 3,000 miles, demonstrating that age is just a number – and raising money for two important causes. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

'Toughest challenge I’ve ever had'

   The women of Love, Sweat & Gears spent a year training for the different elements they faced along the 3000 mile route. They biked through blistering heat in Arizona and climbed the hills in the Rockies, all while dealing with severe sleep deprivation.

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Too little sleep can harm young brains

Bedbug Anxieties Force Exterminators to Play Psychologist

Sleepy? Hunger might help you stay awake

The Newfound Fatigue Fighter: Hunger


  Lyons: ‘We have a magic amongst our team’

Cyclist Julie Lyons tells NBC’s Michelle Franzen about the team’s hopes for the race, how they cope with sleep deprivation and why the team gels so well.

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