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  Tug-of-war on the Plaza

What it Takes: Amy on introducing kids to a boyfriend

Amy Robach, anchor of Weekend TODAY and mother of two daughters and stepmom of two, sat down with TODAYMoms to discuss anxieties related to introducing her kids to her boyfriend.

TODAY fan takes a spill on plaza

  On Sunday's Weekend TODAY, a TODAY Show fan tumbled behind the anchors.

Weekend TODAY answers your questions

  What’s it really like to work weekends? TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe tackles this, and other questions submitted by curious Weekend TODAY viewers.

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Tamron Hall

Ever wonder how Weekend TODAY works?


  Gut check: Spanx now available for men

For guys with some love handles or a little bulge above the beltline, there’s a new solution that doesn’t require any extended trips to the gym. TODAY’s Lester Holt reports, and tests out the results with a Weekend TODAY staff member.

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