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Jaguar, once nearly extinct, bares claws

Jaguar, now owned by Indian automaker Tata Motors, is moving ahead with plans to offer a $1.2 million supercar along with a slew of new lower-cost models.Full story

Jennifer Esposito’s ‘Wish List’

  Actress Jennifer Esposito chats about her new Hallmark movie, “The Wish List,” in which she plays a single woman looking for the perfect man.

Parton celebrates 25 years of Dollywood

  The country music icon chats about her Hallmark special, "Dolly Celebrates 25 Years of Dollywood." Plus, which accomplishment is she most proud of?

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  ‘L.A. Law’ star on new movie

Harry Hamlin, best known for his role as attorney Michael Kuzak on the NBC series “L.A. Law,” chats with the TODAY hosts about his new Hallmark original movie, reality show and memoir.

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