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Report Prioritizes Big Missions to Mars and Jupiter, But Can NASA Afford Them?

An expedition to see if some form of life ever existed on Mars and a journey to Jupiter's icy moon Europa to study its underground ocean should be NASA’s highest-priority missions in the next decade, a new report from the National Research Council suggests. Full story

Search for alien life may take giant leap forward Scientists haven't found E.T. just yet, but they may be pinning down the best places and ways to look for alien life during space missions, NASA researchers say. Full story

Unlucky Mars rover faces worst jam yet

Spirit has always been the unluckier of NASA’s twin Mars rovers. Now the rover is starting its seventh year on Mars with the worst luck yet, stuck in a sand trap. Full story

Mars probes unravel watery mysteries

Newly published research delves into the processes that sculpted the Martian surface and details evidence that water shaped a wide region of the Red Planet. Full story

Jennifer_A rover’s life: Setting the course

A day in the life of a Mars rover: Part 2 - Setting the course. Full story

What lies in store for the Mars rovers?

Their 90-day warranty expired awhile ago, but NASA's twin Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are still trundling along the Martian surface en route to their next destinations more than five years after landing on the red planet. Full story

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Mars rover spies far-off crater destination

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An artist's depiction of a Mars rover
An artist's depiction of a Mars rover

An artist's depiction of a Mars rover: 'They are the closest I think that you can come to what it would be like standing there,' says MER principal investigator Steve Squyres of Cornell University.