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Space Weather on Par With Tornado Threat, NASA Chief Says

Severe space weather could be as devastating to the planet as serious tornadoes and other natural disasters, NASA chief Charles Bolden said in a public address Tuesday (June 4). Full story

Solar Storm Bombarding Earth Today

This story was updated 1:42 p.m. ET to include information from the most recent update from NOAA space weather officials. Full story

US & UK Team Up to Protect Against Space Weather Threat

The United States and the United Kingdom are teaming up to fight against a growing threat from space: sun storms. Full story

Earth unprepared for super solar storm

Humanity needs to be much better prepared for massive solar storms, which can wreak havoc on our technology-dependent society, a prominent researcher warns. Full story

Mild Sun Storm May Amp Up Northern Lights This Week

A moderate solar storm is underway today (March 12), following a series of solar flares that erupted from the sun over the weekend and last week. Full story

Solar weather forecasting becomes vital

Following an extended quiet period, the sun is ramping up for an era of intense activity, and for the first time, scientists say, it's possible to predict how solar storms will hit our planet, much like meteorologists predict how hurricanes will hit a coastline. Full story

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Earth Must Be Ready for Next Big Solar Storm

U.S. Must Take Space Storm Threat Seriously, Experts Warn

Experts warn U.S. must take space storm seriously

Huge solar explosions can rock the entire sun

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