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Mars Odyssey sets a Red Planet record

Mars has had its share of mechanical visitors from Earth.  But as of today, NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter has officially been the red planet's longest-staying guest.Full story

Best map of Mars ever made hits Internet

Ever wanted to explore the surface of Mars? Now you can at least virtually — thanks to a powerful camera aboard a spacecraft in orbit around Mars that has made the most accurate global map of the red planet in history. Full story

NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter suffers glitch

The veteran Mars Odyssey satellite has switched itself into "safe mode" after detecting a problem with an electronic encoder responsible for controlling the orientation of the spacecraft's solar array. Full story

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Why Mars remains a mystery

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Artist's rendition of Mars Odyssey
Artist's rendition of Mars Odyssey

An artist's rendition of the Mars Odyssey spacecraft in orbit above Mars.

Mars Odyssey
Mars Odyssey

The Mars Odyssey spacecraft, shown here in an artist's conception, has been in orbit around the Red Planet since 2001.