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Comet impacts scar the rings of Saturn, Jupiter

Strange formations in the rings around Saturn and Jupiter are the telltale marks of dramatic comet impacts that occurred in the last few decades, two new studies suggest.Full story

Saturn's Rings May Be Remains of Ripped-Apart Moon

Saturn's famous rings are the last remaining shards of a huge moon the planet tore apart long ago, a new study suggests. Full story

Saturn's rings: Leftovers from a cosmic murder?

One of the solar system's most evocative mysteries — the origin of Saturn's rings — may be a case of cosmic murder, new research suggests. Full story

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Giant propeller structures seen in Saturn's rings

Cassini sees Saturn's rough and tumble rings

Saturn’s rings still puzzle scientists

Saturn's rings to disappear Tuesday


  Double feature from Saturn

Radar imagery from the Cassini spacecraft provides the data for a virtual flight over Saturn's moon Titan, while Cassini's camera catches the shadow of another moon passing over Saturn's rings.'s Alan Boyle reports.

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Shadows cast by Saturn's rings darken the southern hemisphere of the planet and give a truncated appearance to the bottom of this Cassini image.

Saturn storm
Saturn storm

This Dec. 24 picture from the Cassini orbiter shows a huge storm on Saturn as a bright-colored whirl on the planet's disk. The uncalibrated raw image, released today, also shows the dark shadows of Saturn's rings on the disk.

Saturn at equinox
Saturn at equinox

The shadows of Saturn's rings, cast onto the planet itself, appear as a thin band at the equator in an image taken by the Cassini spacecraft as the planet approached its August 2009 equinox.