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Actor Rainn Wilson Talks Asteroid Mining with Planetary Resources

Actor Rainn Wilson is a little bit worried about what the private asteroid-mining company Planetary Resources might do once it reaches space. Full story

Company seeking money to build space telescope

A Washington company that wants to send robots into space to mine precious metals from asteroids has found another way to use the expensive technology it's developing for its space venture. Full story

IMPACT 2012: Job Creation Through Innovation

   Peter Diamandis, X Prize Foundation founder & CEO, explains why he thinks innovation is the key to job creation in America.

Gold rush in space?

   X Prize creator Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson launched a new company with lofty ambitions: mining asteroids. MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan reports.

Dreaming the possible dream

   Peter Diamandis, founder of the X PRIZE Foundation and co-author of “Abundance: Why the Future is Better Than You Think,” talks about the key to prosperity in the 21st century, and the importance of innovation and forward thinking to make the impossible possible.

How technology can raise the basic standard of living

   The X Prize Foundation's Peter Diamandis joins Morning Joe to discuss "Abundance," a book he co-authored with Steven Kotler which discusses how technology can raise the basic standard of living for everyone on the planet.

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  Mapping the road to fuel efficiency

Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, tells Chris Hayes about the final stages of a competition to develop hyper-efficient cars.

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