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How Much Dark Matter Do Some Galaxies Need? 300 Billion Suns

Creating stars is a lot like cooking: You need the right ingredients in the proper proportions to make everything shine. One of those ingredients is dark matter, and a new study has pinpointed the lower limit of this elusive substance needed to ignite a frenzy of star formation: a mass equal to 300 Full story

Supersized black hole seen in small galaxy

The relationship between black holes and their host galaxies poses a chicken-and-egg conundrum for astronomers, long curious about which came first. Full story

Super-Sized Black Holes Traced to Collisions of Earliest Galaxies

The monster black holes at the heart of galaxies may have originated from galaxy collisions during the earliest period of universe, new supercomputer models suggest. Full story

X-ray pulsar eclipse reveals neutron star's secrets

Neutron stars may not remain a mystery for much longer, as an  x-ray pulsar  named J1749.4-2807  may yet reveal their secrets. Full story

Giant stars seem to form just like smaller ones

Astronomers have found a disk of dust around a huge, massive star in its early stages of growth, indicating that stars big and small form by the same mechanism. Full story

Black hole blows massive gas bubble A newfound black hole has been caught in the act of releasing a prodigious amount of energy from the most powerful pair of jets ever seen from such a cosmic object. But the real surprise is what is created by those jets. Full story

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Just how much does the Milky Way weigh?

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