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$500 million launcher lacks one thing: rocket

A mobile launcher has been built for the Ares 1. The problem is, if the Obama administration has its way, there never will be such a rocket.Full story

Ares I-X rocket to launch near Atlantis shuttle

NASA moves up moon rocket launch to Oct. 27

Moon rocket engine passes test in Utah

Sources: NASA won’t get $1 billion budget boost

NASA's budget, just over $18.7 billion this year, is still expected to rise again in 2011, though by much less than the $1 billion increase NASA and its contractors have been privately anticipating since mid-December Full story

NASA test flight scrubbed over weather

NASA has scrubbed its first attempt to launch its newest rocket due to weather concerns. Full story

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NASA denies new program is too risky, pricey


  NASA tests high-speed rocket

Sept. 11: Officials at NASA hope that the Ares 1 rocket will one day help launch astronauts 30 miles into space in about two minutes.

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Ares 1 test
Ares 1 test

Static test fire of first stage of Ares 1 rocket at ATK west of Brigham City, Utah is shown on Tuesday Aug. 31, 2010. (AP Photo/ Salt Lake Tribune, Al Hartmann) DES NEWS OUT, NO MAGS

Ares I rocket test-fire
Ares I rocket test-fire

A bright plume of exhaust roars from the end of a five-segment solid rocket booster during an Aug. 31, 2010 test of the first stage for NASA's Ares I rocket in Promontory, Utah.

Ares I and Orion
Ares I and Orion

An artist's conception shows NASA's Ares I rocket lofting an Orion exploration vehicle into orbit.

Ares rocket engine test
Ares rocket engine test

The five-segment first stage of the Ares 1 rocket is test-fired at Alliant Techsystems' test stand in Utah on Thursday. The motor is to be used in NASA's next-generation space transportation system.