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Asteroid collision kicked up some cosmic dust

The strange metamorphosis astronomers observed in an asteroid late last year was likely caused by a collision with another space rock, according to two new studies. Full story

Amateur videos spinning asteroid that 'winks'

A small asteroid zooming by Earth this week has been caught "winking" as it spins in a new video recorded by an amateur astronomer. Full story

Asteroid's been following us for 250,000 years

A newfound asteroid has been discovered to be trailing Earth on an oddball course: an orbit that looks a lot like a horseshoe. Full story

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Step 1 in asteroid mission: Pick right space rock

Step 1 in Astronauts-to-Asteroid Mission: Pick the Right Space Rock

Potentially dangerous space rock caught on film

Space Music for the Final Frontier: Astronaut Wakeup Tunes and Other Space-Inspired Songs

Meteorite offers clues to solar system evolution

Sure that asteroid's getting close, but no worries

Small Asteroid to Give Earth a Close Shave

As the Asteroid Turns: Hubble Records New Video of 2nd Biggest Space Rock

Small asteroid zips close by Earth

Small Asteroid Zips Close By Earth as Astronomers Watch

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Comets feature prominently in at least a couple notable doomsday scenarios. In fact nature may eventually destroy us with an icy space rock, but so far none of the predictions related to comets ? or any other doomsday prognostications ? have come true.

An artist rendering of a space rock streaking toward Earth. Most experts think an impact off the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago was the primary cause of the dinosaur demise. Others think volcanism and climate change may have played a role. A new and controversial idea suggests there was anot