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Pluto may host an ocean

Freezing, distant Pluto seems an odd place to look for oceanfront real estate, but if a new computer model is correct, the dwarf planet harbors a sizeable pool of liquids beneath its thick icy shell.Full story

China Launches Second Robotic Moon Probe

An unmanned moon probe blasted off from China Friday (Oct. 1) to begin the country's next phase of lunar exploration and set the stage for even more ambitious spaceflights to come. Full story

Asteroid probe makes fiery return to Earth

A fiery burst of light over the Australian Outback late Sunday marked the return of a Japanese space probe, potentially carrying samples from an asteroid. Full story

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Orbiter will take aim at Venusian mysteries


  Moon has traces of water, scientists confirm

Sept. 23: An Indian space probe has verified the presence of tiny amounts of water on the moon's surface.'s Dara Brown reports.

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