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Analysis: A sad day as NASA dumps LISA

April is proving to be the cruelest month for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), a major space mission to look for gravitational waves that was slated for launch around 2015. But news broke this week that NASA is abandoning funding for the project, which means the U.S. will cede its roleFull story

'David and Goliath' black hole clash simulated

Just a few years ago they said it couldn't be done, but now astrophysicists have succeeded in simulating the most extreme collision of two black holes yet: one black hole a hundred times more massive than the other. Full story

Black hole recoils from cosmic mystery slingshot

A black hole has been spotted recoiling from a mysterious slingshot effect, possibly from encounters with several other black holes, a new study has found. Full story

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Orbiting stars circle each other in minutes

Lack of gravity waves limits cosmology theories

Gravity's imprint sought in big bang’s glow

New search mounted for cosmic inflation

PlayStation 3 tackles black hole vibrations

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Gravitational waves
Gravitational waves

Artist's impression of gravitational waves from two orbiting black holes. FOR USE WITH SPACE.COM STORY ONLY