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Mars probes unravel watery mysteries

Newly published research delves into the processes that sculpted the Martian surface and details evidence that water shaped a wide region of the Red Planet.Full story

Mars rover spies far-off crater destination

The panoramic camera on NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has caught a first glimpse on the horizon of the uplifted rim of the big crater that has been Opportunity's long-term destination for six months. Full story

Mars rover targets monster crater

NASA's Opportunity rover has studied several craters during its four years on Mars, but now it's going after the biggest crater yet. Full story

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Mars rover works its way out of crater

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NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera for this northward view of tracks the rover left on a drive from one energy-favorable position on the northern end of a sand ripple to another. The rover team calls this strategy hopping from lily pad to lily pad. NASA's Mars Exp

Opportunity on Mars
Opportunity on Mars

NASA's Opportunity rover and its surroundings at Mars' Victoria Crater can be seen in this panorama, captured during five days in April 2008.

Looking back at crater
Looking back at crater

NASA's Opportunity rover captured this view looking back at its own tracks and Victoria Crater's Cape Verde promontory on Thursday after climbing back onto level ground.