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FAA Gives Texas Company License for Reusable Rocket Launches

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The Federal Aviation Administration issued a license today (July 26) to the private spaceflight company Armadillo Aerospace, a move that allows the firm to launch a new reusable rocket on short space missions. Full story

Private Rocket Launch Tests Supersonic Parachute, Reusable Spaceship Tech

The private spaceflight company Armadillo Aerospace is taking a close look at the results from its latest rocket test in the New Mexico desert — a flight that hit a snag while testing a new launch and balloon parachute technologies. Full story

Reusable rocket search lifts off at spaceport

Billed as the nation’s first dedicated commercial spaceport, New Mexico's Spaceport America is becoming a desirable location to experiment with new types of reusable booster systems. Full story

NASA picks 7 private spaceships for voyages

NASA has picked seven private spaceflight companies, each working to build a commercial spaceship, as its transportation of choice for launching experiments to the edge of space and back. Full story

Spaceport readying for commercial flight in 2011

Work on Spaceport America is in full swing, with the state-of-the-art space launch facility near Truth or Consequences, N.M. expected to become fully operational in 2011. Full story

Want to Take a Spaceflight? Commercial Space Pioneers Say It Takes Risk, Patience

LAS CRUCES, N.M. Failure is not just an option in fact, it usually comes standard in rocket science. Full story

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Private space pioneers must take risks, be patient

Space tourists start their training

Tourism firm to offer space rides for $102,000

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Ballute test
Ballute test

This picture provides a view of the parachute ballute deployment on Armadillo Aerospace's STIG-A III rocket, launched from Spaceport America on Jan. 28.


Armadillo Aerospace's Super-Mod craft rises into the sky during a 2009 flight that earned it a $500,000 share of the prize money in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

Armadillo future spacecraft
Armadillo future spacecraft

An artist's conception shows an Armadillo Aerospace vertical-launch vehicle starting out on a suborbital space trip.

Armadillo Aerospace's Scorpius rocket fires its engine above a mock lunar landing pad on Tuesday, Sept. 8.