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Mars drops hints of an active past involving water

By tasting a little bit of the rocks and air on Mars, NASA's robotic Phoenix lander discovered secrets about the history of water on the Red Planet over the last 4 billion years, scientists now reveal.Full story

Space news can be sad

  Rachel Maddow reports on three stories which might seem a little sad if the robots and planets involved are anthropomorphized.

NASA ends effort to reach Phoenix Mars Lander

NASA has ended efforts to regain contact with its Phoenix Mars Lander near the Red Planet's north pole. Full story

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A last chance for Phoenix Mars Lander

NASA: No word from Phoenix Mars lander

Places in space colder than Santa's workshop

Mars lander just might rise from the dead

Phoenix Mars Lander begins slow shutdown

Arctic Mars mission extended once more

Watch a dust devil spin in Martian arctic

Scientists: Martian soil similar to Chile’s desert

Ooops!  Mars soil gets stuck in lander's scooper

Mars lander shakes soil successfully

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  Touchdown on Mars

See the first pictures from NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander – and the celebration back on Earth.

Phoenix lander deck
Phoenix lander deck

This mosaic of images from the Surface Stereo Imager camera on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander shows a portion of the spacecraft's deck after deliveries of several Martian soil samples to scientific instruments.