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Raging solar storm 'blinds' Venus spacecraft

Strong radiation from one of the most intense solar storms in the past five years has temporarily "blinded" a European spacecraft in orbit around Venus, and mission controllers are now racing to fix the problem.Full story

A debate: How vital is a planet's magnetic field?

Our nearest planetary neighbors, Mars and Venus, have no oceans or lakes or rivers. Some researchers have speculated that they were blown dry by the solar wind, and that our Earth escaped this fate because its strong magnetic field deflects the wind. However, a debate has arisen over whether a magne Full story

Japanese investigate Venus probe failure

A Japanese probe that failed to enter orbit around Venus Monday night may have been damaged by an impacting object, according to news reports. Full story

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Japan probe misses Venus orbit

Are Venus' mystery clouds warning sign for Earth?

Lightning on Venus strikingly similar to Earth's

Oceans on Venus might have been habitable

Orbiter will take aim at Venusian mysteries

Volcanoes on Venus may be young ... and hot!


  Supermoon weekend

The moon passed by Earth at its closest point of the year this weekend, making for spectacular views around the globe, NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

  NBC News Update: June 3rd, 2013

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg dies, Mother nature wreaks havoc on both coasts and a crash landing for After Earth at the box office.