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Kepler offers 'treasure trove' of star information

NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space observatory has turned out to be a jack-of-all-trades — a multipurpose spacecraft that has gone beyond its alien world mandate to tackle some key star mysteries.Full story

Tiny water flea also an environmental monitor

Butterfly sex: Cool weather makes female seducers

Dinosaur-Era Animal's Last Meal Found in Its Mouth

Why a computer can't cut it as a stand-up comic

Computers may have beaten us in chess and "Jeopardy!" — but can they create and tell a good joke? Full story

Lessons learned as the human genome turns 10

Ten years ago this month, in what was heralded as the opening to a new era in human biology and medicine, two rival teams of scientists published their first official reports of the sequencing of the human genome. Full story

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Scientists Urge Tougher Efforts to Preserve Biodiversity

Super rubber could cushion sneakers, spaceships

Reality Check: NASA Blurb Sparks Runaway Speculation About Possible Alien Life

Chinese brain-imaging device may be copy of U.S. one

Computers take a closer look inside the Earth

The green-energy landscape keeps changing

Turbulence tamed in water pipes

Earth raised shield earlier than thought

Scientists freeze water with heat

Better transit design through ... slime mold?

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A tiny vibrating device, measuring as long as a human hair is wide, won recognition from the journal Science as the first quantum machine and the biggest scientific breakthrough of 2010.