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Study probes how surgery makes diabetes disappear

Weight loss surgery appears to change the body's metabolism in a way that dieting alone cannot, helping to explain why diabetes often disappears after the surgery even before much weight is lost, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. Full story

Obesity cure: Surgery or eat less, excercise more

   The UK's first large scale study into the impact of weight loss surgery has shown a reduction in type 2 diabetes and other health problems. Critics say a better solution is for people to eat less and excercise more. ITV's Lawrence McGinty reports

Alcohol hits harder after weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery may turn people into light-weights in more than one sense, according to a new study that shows a glass of red wine hits much harder after the procedure than it used to. Full story

Obesity surgery in mom leaves babies healthier

Obese women who manage to shed excess pounds before becoming pregnant may be able to break the cycle of inherited weight problems and pass along better health to their children, a new study shows. Full story

Obesity surgery may thin bones, causing breaks

It isn't just the thunder thighs that shrink after obesity surgery. Melting fat somehow thins bones, too. Full story

Obesity surgery reverses diabetes in teens

Obesity surgery can reverse diabetes in teens, just as it does in adults, says a small study. Ten of  the 11 obese teens studied saw their diabetes disappear within a year of surgery. Full story

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The miracle weight loss that isn’t

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