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SAIC wins NASA IT contract worth up to $1.3B

Science Applications International Corp. will manage computer networks and support communication for the government space agency, under a new contract announced this week. Full story

NASA's Youngest Shuttle: The Historic Endeavors of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Twenty years after exiting its assembly facility for its maiden mission, space shuttle Endeavour is poised on the launch pad to fly its final flight. Full story

NASA's future depends on spaceflight neophytes

Full story

Hacker Breaches European Space Agency’s Servers

A crafty cyberprankster says he’s cracked into the servers of the European Space Agency (ESA), but the space agency is downplaying the significance of the breach. Full story

Actress talks about ‘I Dream of Jeannie’

   Barbara Eden discusses her new memoir, “Jeannie Out of the Bottle,” which takes readers behind the scenes of the landmark television series.

NASA's inventions benefit our lives on Earth

Contrary to popular belief, NASA didn’t invent Tang. But the space agency's contributions to people's everyday lives here on Earth still run wide and deep. Full story

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Satellites help Japan disaster recovery efforts

$63 million a seat? NASA will pay it to Russians

A Space First: Spaceships From 4 Different Fleets Linked Together

NASA budget still backs commercial spaceflight

Orion space capsule ships out for grueling tests

NASA weighs plan to keep shuttle until 2017

Russia restores contact with lost satellite

Giffords husband to decide soon on space trip

Obama Evokes Space Race in Naming U.S. Challenges

NASA solar sail is finally flying free above Earth


  Challenger a 'tragic loss'

Twenty five years ago: the tragedy that changed the space program, the country, and many families. June Scobee Rodgers, widow of shuttle commander Dick Scobee, reflects on the Challenger disaster and the legacy it left behind.

  Arsenic and aliens and NASA

Why the space agency’s discovery of arsenic-eating bacteria from a California lake may actually be a big deal after all.

  April 15: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

VOLCANO FALLOUT, Dawna Friesen; TAX DAY/TEA PARTY, Kelly O'Donnell; TAX DAY, Lisa Myers; FORECLOSURES, Diana Olick; MILITARY SECURITY, Brian Williams; SPACE PROGRAM, Tom Costello; METEOR, Brian Williams; OBAMA TAXES, Brian Williams; OBAMA GIRLS, Brian Williams; BENJAMIN HOOKS, Brian Williams; POLAND

  April 14: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

ECONOMY, Mike Taibbi; TEA PARTY ANGER BREWING, Rehema Ellis; SPACE PROGRAM, Tom Costello; CHINA QUAKE, Brian Williams; RETURN TO KORENGAL, Richard Engel; MATERNAL DEATHS, Brian Williams; MICHELLE OBAMA, Savannah Guthrie; ICELAND VOLCANO, Brian Williams; WORLD TRADE METAL, Brian Williams; BAGGAGE FEE

  Sadness, curiosity as shuttle era nears end

The space program has been a soaring symbol of national prestige, but with just three missions left – and no funds for a successor spacecraft – veterans are gripped by nostalgia. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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Cady Coleman
Cady Coleman

Russian space agency rescue team help U.S. astronaut Cady Coleman leave the capsule after Soyuz capsule's landing about 150 km south-east of the Kazakh town of Dzhezkazgan, Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The Soyuz capsule carrying Italian, American and Russian back to Earth from the International Space St