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  Boehner, Indyk, Wright, roundtable

A ‘historical moment’ in the Middle East?

  Could a Middle East version of democracy flourish in Egypt? Time magazine’s Rick Stengel joins the Morning Joe gang to reveal the publication’s latest cover story, written by Fareed Zakaria, which delves into the question.

U.S. caught in balancing act with Egyptian people

  NBC's Richard Wolffe explains how U.S. diplomacy and a so-call pursuit of democratic reform across the Arab world may have helped to groom protesters in the streets of Cairo.

Talking Afghanistan and foreign policy

  Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski jions Morning Joe for an in-depth conversation on U.S. foreign policy.

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  Remembering Ambassador Holbrooke

The veteran of American foreign policy known as “The Bulldozer”, Richard Holbrooke, died Monday in Washington.

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