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Second Life to let users filter adult content

Second Life is getting a little less steamy for people who want to use the virtual world for a myriad of PG-rated experiences, such as taking classes, prototyping buildings or designing virtual goods.Full story

Newsweek: One couple's online love story

Rhonda and Paul met in Second Life, getting virtually "married" only three weeks later, before they'd seen each other or heard each other's real voices. They've been inseparable ever since—in a sense. Rhonda lives in California and Paul lives in Wales.

Second Life bank crash foretold financial crisis

Alan Greenspan admitted last month that lending institutions could not always be trusted to regulate themselves. He could have taken a cue sooner by looking at the 2007 collapse of Ginko Financial, a virtual investment bank in the online game Second Life. Full story

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Q&A with Anshe Chung, virtual philanthropist

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Virtual Ben Bernanke guides ‘Second Life’

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BusinessWeek magazine
BusinessWeek magazine

Anshe Chung, the land baron: Ailin Graef's avatar in Second Lifehandout

Visitors work on a computer in the Hague
Visitors work on a computer in the Hague

The Hague, NETHERLANDS: Visitors work on a computer in the Hague, 19 March 2007 as the picture of the virtual beach pavilion of the Hague created by Second Life appears on a monitor screen. Launched in 2003, Second Life is a vast digital continent built and owned by its residents. It has rapidly bec