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  Helpful hints for hypocrits

Kagan v. Miers, false comparison

  The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein explains why it’s wrong to compare the nomination of Elena Kagan to that of Harriet Miers.

GOP hypocrisy over Kagan’s experience?

  Can Republicans get away with knocking Elena Kagan’s lack of judicial experience when it was the very same thing they liked about Harriet Miers when she was nominated by President George W. Bush? George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley joins msnbc’s Chris Matthews to discuss.

First Read: Kagan's no Harriet Miers

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  Karl Rove 'deeply involved' in atty. firings

Aug. 11: Newly released White House emails show that senior Bush political advisor Karl Rove as well as legal counsel Harriet Miers were extensively involved in the removal of several U.S. attorneys. NBC's Pete Williams reports.

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