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Timbaland unleashes his beats in ‘Beaterator’

Timbaland is not afraid of wannabes stealing his flow. The producer-singer found a new duet partner in Rockstar Games.Full story

What happens if you criticize 'GTA'?

Glowing reviews, huge sales — everyone loves "Grand Theft Auto IV," right?  Not exactly. There are some naysayers — or, at least those that do not offer absolute praise. But these critics are boxing a glacier. Full story

MADD attacks 'Grand Theft Auto IV'

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is calling on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, the independent organization that assigns video-game ratings, to reclassify "GTA IV" as an Adults Only game. Full story

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'Grand Theft Auto IV' will blow you away

'GTA IV' launch could top 'Halo 3'

Downloading legally in a criminal world

Target pulls 'Manhunt 2' from store shelves

Toned-down 'Manhunt 2' still banned in U.K.

'Grand Theft Auto' delay shakes industry

Game suspension could spark demand

Ireland bans its 1st video game, calling it 'gross'

Britain bans sales of Rockstar's new game

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Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV

This photo released by Rockstar Games shows a scene from "Grand Theft Auto IV".


In this photo released by Rockstar Games shows a scene from Grand Theft Auto IV. Players will be tempted with such seedy choices in Rockstar Games' wildly anticipated ninth entry in their controversial but lucrative "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, set for release April 29. "GTA IV" will be the first g