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‘Out of My League’ features awkward, dim hero

Movie tries to convince viewers that nerdy Justin Baruchel and beautiful Alice Eve can work as a couple, but Baruchel's self-loathing character makes that hard to believe.Full story

D'oh! Seth Rogen writes a ‘Simpsons’ episode

“As a writer, it always just seemed like the Holy Grail,” Rogen said of writing for the animated series. “I can die a happy man now.” Full story

'Funny People: Kill me' scene

  July 30: In this scene from "Funny People," Adam Sandler plays famed a comedian who after learning he has an incurable disease, asks another comic, played by Seth Rogen, to shoot him.

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‘Funny People’ is a passion project for Apatow

Best bets: ‘Funny People’ looks for laughs

Harry Potter, Depp are summer’s top picks

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