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Rain falls in Mo. as corps prepares to blast levee

More rain is falling in southeastern Missouri, where the Army Corps of Engineers spent Monday pumping a liquid explosive into a levee.Full story

Boy takes explosive materials to school in dry marker

An 11-year-old boy is in custody after officials found a modified dry erase marker containing explosive materials in his backpack at his East Tennessee school, police said on Tuesday. Full story

Suspicious package found at Logan airport

  A suspicious package with Nigerian origins is being investigated at Logan Airport in Boston. Mark Rosenker former NTSB chariman reports.

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Liquid rules: So long, 3-1-1?


  Mail bombs’ explosive power comes into focus

According to officials, the laser printers within the packages were stuffed with five times the amount of high explosive PETN that was used in the attempted Christmas Day bombing. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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