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Has intelligence community gotten too large?

Since Sept. 11, secret intelligence gathering has grown so unwieldy that no-one really knows what it costs and how many people are involved, The Washington Post reported. Full story

Intelligence community effectiveness probed

   NBC'S Justice Correspondent Pete Williams talks about Monday's Washington Post story on efforts to find and stop terror threats - and whether or not the unwieldly and secretive agencies are getting the job done.

Reporter: More intelligence isn’t always better

   The Washington Post’s Dana Priest, the reporter who broke the story on U.S. intelligence programs, says “more isn’t” always better,” citing security gaps and the failure to foresee the Ft. Hood massacre.

Border law battle heads to court

   Msnbc's Contessa Brewer talks with the Washington Post's Perry Bacon Jr., about multiple lawsuits against the state of Arizona that are set to hit the courts.

GOP implosion imminent

   House Minority Leader John Boehner is calling for a moratorium on regulation, further cementing the Republican Party as the party opposed to improving America. The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson discusses why Democrats should see an opportunity in Republican regressive politics.

Concert Slump

   Are we witnessing the death of the concert? Chris Richards, a pop music columnist at the Washington Post, and CNBC's Julia Boorstin discuss.

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Karzai to ask U.N. to trim Taliban blacklist: report

Dems, GOP spend big on ‘pampered adventures’

Post poll shows anger over health-care debate

Executive pay slips for second year in a row

Poll: 3 in 4 support gays serving in military


  Is the GOP ruining America?

Congressional Republicans have stood against the stimulus, health care reform and Wall Street form, but has their opposition to the extension of unemployment benefits finally shown the country how disconnected the group is from reality? The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein discusses.

  Little confidence in Obama's decision-making

NBC News' Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd joins Morning Joe in analyzing the latest Washington Post/Wall Street Journal poll, which states that 58 percent of Americans have some/no confidence in Obama's ability to make decisions.

  Uncovering the cause of the Gulf Coast disaster

The Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut discusses whether the oil commission will hurt or hamper efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill.

  Palin opposes Medicare appointment

The former Alaska governor revisited her socialized medicine theories upon President Barack Obama’s appointment of Donald Berwick as head of Medicare and Medicaid services. The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel talks about the GOP backlash.

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