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Ohio governor's running mate lays out urban agenda

The Democrat who wants to be Ohio's next lieutenant governor said Tuesday she would be the urban issues czar in Gov. Ted Strickland's second term if he's re-elected, promoting business development near city bus lines and helping more black males graduate from college. Full story

Rep. King makes race an issue

   Busted: While discussing the president and Arizona's controversial immigration law, Rep. Steve King, R-Ia., said Obama "favors the black person."

NY Times get Rand Paul quote wrong

   Mr. Information: The New York Times got the Rachel Maddow interview transcript with Rand Paul technically right – but their understanding and summary of it was totally misleading.

‘Lost’ reveals its Adam and Eve

Jacob and the Man in Black deliver a history lesson about the island in an episode that takes a break from the castaways to make room for a big backstory. Full story

First black woman astronaut: NASA not 'jobs program'

   In 1992, Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman astronaut to blast into space. On Thursday, Jemison argued in favor of President Obama’s plans for NASA, saying the U.S. needs to develop a program that will advance space exploration to Mars and beyond.

Beck: ‘A radical is coming’

   Psycho talk: When predicting President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Fox News’ Glen Beck said, “I mean, if he’s smart, he will find a gay, handicapped, black woman who’s an immigrant.”

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  Racist history embraced by Tea Party

Rachel Maddow reviews the history of how "literacy tests" were used to prevent black people from voting in America and why Tom Tancredo's opening speech to the Tea Party Convention calling for the return of those tests is so abhorrent. Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree shares his insight