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Last suspect take plea offer in US child sex case

Nearly a year after police said a 7-year-old girl was pimped out by her 15-year-old stepsister and gang-raped at a party, prosecutors admit they don't have the evidence to go to trial and have offered plea deals dropping all sex crimes against the six defendants. Full story

Disgraced Pa. judge wants convictions tossed

A former Pennsylvania juvenile court judge convicted in a $1 million kickback scheme involving privately-owned juvenile detention centers wants his conviction on racketeering charges overturned. Full story

Mom blasts ‘kids for cash’ judge over son’s death

   Sandy Fonzo, whose son committed suicide after a stint in juvenile detention, blames former juvenile court judge Mark Ciavarella, who has been convicted of taking kickbacks from the builder of the lockups he sent kids to. She tells TODAY’s Ann Curry that her son was never the same after his detentio

Jury continues deliberations in Pa. judge trial

A federal jury deliberated 7 1/2 hours Thursday without reaching a verdict in the corruption trial of a former northeastern Pennsylvania judge charged in a bribery-and-extortion scheme involving two privately owned juvenile detention centers. Full story

Former Pa. judge to go on trial in kickbacks case

Kids in Luzerne County had a powerful incentive to stay out of the courtroom of Mark Ciavarella, a fearsome, zero-tolerance judge who tossed youths into juvenile detention even when their crimes didn't warrant it. Full story

Accused text-rage beater remorseful

   Wayne Treacy, 15, is being charged in the text-rage beating of Josie Ratley in Deerfield Beach, Fla. His mother Donna Powers, his stepfather Cary Smith and the family’s attorney, Russell Williams, tell TODAY’s Matt Lauer exclusively that Wayne wishes he could “turn back the hands of time.”

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