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Texas state employees sue Comptroller over privacy

NEW YORK, April 29 (Reuters Legal) - A public school teacher sued the Texas Comptroller's Office on behalf of 3.5 million current and former state employees after the comptroller posted the employees' private information on its public website. Full story

Indiana lawmakers OK broadest voucher plan in US

Indiana will create the nation's broadest private school voucher system and enact other sweeping education changes, making the state a showcase of conservative ideas just as Gov. Mitch Daniels nears an announcement on whether he will make a 2012 presidential run. Full story

NY parents seek $100 million from Bloomberg over schools

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be fined $100 million of his own money over his unpopular education chief's short and controversial tenure, a group of parents said in legal papers on Wednesday. Full story

SC gov promotes online finance program for schools

Some South Carolina high schoolers are learning personal finances through an online course funded by the state's bankers, and Gov. Nikki Haley says she wants all high schools to participate. Full story

Even children threatened by state Republican agenda

   Rachel Maddow remarks on the startling pattern in Republican state initiatives to soften child labor laws and weaken the public school system.

Oklahoma passes tax credit for private school scholarships

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) -- The Oklahoma House passed a bill on Tuesday supporters said was designed to increase the number of low-income students who can attend private schools by creating a state tax credit for gifts made to scholarship groups. Full story

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NYC officials defend decision to cuff 1st-grader

Students return to school where 12 were shot

California may add gay history to textbooks

NJ gov sends education proposals to Legislature

NJ Gov. Christie calls for peer teacher evaluation

Labor Dept. fines Md. school system millions

Massachusetts finds expired food in school cafeterias

Possible Republican 2012 hopefuls criticize public schools

Parents protest student with severe peanut allergy

Budget crisis forces states to spend creatively: Duncan


  All about...artichokes?

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show; an update on Sen. John Ensign's resignation, plus we examine the role of the "emergency manager" in the Detroit public school system, the CIA celebrates Earth Day and finally, we uncover why Rachel Maddow

  Black out as NYC schools superintendent

Mayor Bloomberg's controversial pick for head of New York City public schools, Cathie Black, is out after only three months on the job. NBC's Ann Curry reports.

  DC School Chancellor orders test score review

Michelle Rhee shares her thoughts on a USA Today investigation, which found irregularities in public school test scores.

  Cheating scandal rocks D.C. school system

Jack Gillum of USA Today talks about an investigation that found that an unusually high number of wrong answers were changed to right ones on standardized tests.

  Kasich makes over the top demands with budget

State Sen. Nina Turner, D-Ohio, talks about the proposal, which includes selling five state run prisons to private companies and opening state parks to oil/gas drilling.

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