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Senate resumes debate on SC's $5.8B spending plan

South Carolina Medicaid patients with AIDS, cancer or mental illness will have to use generic drugs if available under a budget measure the Senate agreed to Tuesday. Full story

Iowa GOP, Dem lawmakers resume budget talks

Republican and Democratic legislators have renewed bargaining over the state budget, but their differences are not narrowing. Full story

Iowa GOP unveils plan for deep property tax cuts

Gov. Terry Branstad and Republican lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled a plan to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in local property taxes. Full story

Debate on Mass. budget begins in House

The Massachusetts House opened debate Monday on a $30.4 billion state budget that trims spending, dips deeper into the state's reserve fund and offers local communities relief from soaring municipal health insurance costs at the expense of some union collective bargaining rights. Full story

La. lawmakers propose tax breaks despite budget

As lawmakers lament deep cuts to next year's budget, they also are proposing millions in tax breaks for small businesses, ports, property owners, parents who pay private school tuition, green building projects and more that would siphon dollars from Louisiana's treasury. Full story

Md. House gives initial OK to raising alcohol tax

Maryland's sales tax on alcohol would rise 50 percent in July, under legislation that advanced in the House of Delegates late Saturday night. Full story

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Wash. House budget proposal passes key committee

SC panel OKs property tax break for businesses

GOP plan to cut top tax rate short on details

WA House budget proposal cuts $4.4B in spending

GOP trying to use tax law to limit abortions

House votes to rescind IRS reporting measure

Geithner's testimony on budget to House committee

Congressman quits over Craigslist scandal

Reform the tax code? Yeah, good luck with that

Rangel could be 23rd House member to be censured

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