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Tragic mix-up: He thought daughter survived crash

For a week, Frank Cantu thought his 21-year-old daughter, Marlena, had survived a car crash, only to learn that the woman who actually survived was his daughter’s best friend. Full story

He’s alive after onlookers lifted car that hit him

After an argument with a tenant’s father, Fort Lauderdale landlord John Hill was allegedly run over deliberately with the man’s car. But bystanders lifted the car that crushed him, and though he is in a wheelchair, he hopes to walk again. Full story

Folk-rock musician Vic Chesnutt dies at 45

Vic Chesnutt, the folk-rock musician whose sometimes dark reflections on life were influenced in part by a car wreck that left him paralyzed, has died. He was 45. Full story

Deadly dust storm in Nevada

   Nov. 21: A wind storm, with gust reaching 100 mph, triggers a deadly multi-car accident, killing at least one person. Msnbc's Alex Witt reports.

Robert Pattinson on tabloid rumors

   Robert Pattinson sets the record straight on his rumored traffic accident and a falsely reported heroin overdose in New York.

Bricklayer shows up at his own funeral in Brazil

A Brazilian reportedly killed in a car crash shocks his mourning family by showing up alive at his funeral. Full story

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Hulk Hogan: Why I almost killed myself


  Driver loses control, crashes into house

Nov. 2: Emergency crews are on the scene in New Jersey after a car crashes into a house.'s Dara Brown reports.

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