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China vows harsh penalties for food safety crimes

Chinese has announced a tough new crackdown on food safety crimes and promised to order the death penalty for the worst offenders, state media said Thursday. Full story

GOP senator says he will hold up food safety bill

A Republican senator is threatening to hold up food safety legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration more power to prevent outbreaks, saying Democrats must find a way to pay for it. Full story

Industry has sway over food safety system: study

The food industry is jeopardizing U.S. public health by withholding information from food safety investigators or pressuring regulators to withdraw or alter policy designed to protect consumers, said a survey of government scientists and inspectors. Full story

1 in 7 home kitchens would flunk inspection

A new study suggests that at least one in seven home kitchens would flunk the kind of health inspection commonly administered to restaurants. Full story

Food safety a "priority" for Senate: Reid aide

Passing food safety reform legislation this year is a "priority" for the Senate, said a spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, as Congress feels pressure from consumer groups to act following the latest recall to highlight weaknesses in the system. Full story

Grocery group spends $930K lobbying in 2Q

The Grocery Manufacturers Association spent $930,000 in the second quarter to lobby on food safety, advertising and other business issues, according to a recent disclosure report. Full story

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Eggs in the raw? Experts say give them a pass

FDA changes driven by food outbreaks

Food-borne illnesses cost U.S. $152 billion

China studies long-term impact of tainted milk

170 more tons of tainted milk found in China

Tainted milk shows China's food safety challenges

China hid tainted milk problem for months

Salmonella victims angry over no prosecutions


  Dangers lurking in your refregerator?

What are the top ten "riskiest" foods that could cause illness outbreaks? NBC's Chris Jansing talks to Caroline Smith Dewaal from the Center for Science in the Public interest about the foods and an available salmonella vaccine for chickens.